hello my name is sophie



I am tenth generation R.C. I have four children, the youngest was born 26 weeks 750g. and she was born blue, dead on arival, on the bed, she had to go for an operation, all we my husband and my sister in law ( my mothers age ) and my youngest son went to the Chaple, and praying sitting in front of the chaple.

Suddenly I got up and went to the Cross, my family followed me, I touched the painting in red up and down, and I did not know By His Blood I am healed, I looked around and saw my son ( only four) opposite the wall, kneeling down with his hands joined praying!

The nurse was looking for us and found us,I felt so dirty, after all that crying, we had new moneters and her name was the first,they checked her again and said she does not need an operation. Thanks be to God Almighty