8. Jan, 2017

Holy Spirit

Why have you boxed ME (Jesus)!

My sister-in-law Mildred invited me and my family to a Roman Catholic Church, my family being Roman Catholics 10  generations from memory, the Priest had brown clothes and all I saw he had a very long rosary, he said the High Mass, then we started saying the rosary, I said the Our Father, but when they started the Hail Mary something happened, I felt something that I can’t explain, I went outside the church and sat there Gerry, my husband followed me and said I think you going mad because I told him something is happing and can't explain I feel that I shouldn’t be here, but he took me by my hand and took me inside the church I couldn’t say the rosary   I couldn’t say rosary, I felt sick in my stomach I went outside and sat but Gerry would take me inside again, even the blessing of the Benediction, I saw all the elders were  kneeling  down, so I said to myself obey your elders as I was taught by my parents and
I saw everyone had closed their eyes and were kneeling down then

 called an Ostensorium (Latin), Monstrance (English) GET ST Faustina's vision card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I was about to kneel then I heard an audible voice speaking to my heart

“WHY HAVE YOU BOXED ME?”  His voice shaken me 

I understood at that moment, I didn’t know what to do, I went outside Gerry said you have evil spirit in you.

I did not go back inside. 

That night I prayed and said Jesus, you said  your honour your father and your mother,

and these people who are around me, are all my elders as well,  Jesus if you were talking to me in the church, or was it the devil speaking to me. In a spilt-second I saw in my vision Jesus fully white clothes, with all white rays from all sides, just like Sister Faustina’s vision, but all white rays, near the edge of my bed, I was sleeping in bed I opened my eyes and saw rays, Jesus said I AM TALL, I AM WIDE, I AM VERY SMALL, DON’T BOX ME, I AM EVERYWHERE,

Jesus said I AM TALL, I saw him as very tall man, with white rays coming out of him, then Jesus said  I AM WIDE, and saw him as very wide man with white rays around Him, then he said look I AM VERY SMALL, then I saw him as small as  (I had to lift my head to see)  DON’T BOX ME, I AM EVERYWHERE.