6. Jan, 2018

Graven Images


The day before Christmas, I was tired, I sat down to rest on the couch. My son and my youngest daughter were sitting together I sat in between them, my Son turned on the television, on and the movie was about Christmas. The actress name was Audrey Hepburn. It was the Nuns how they enjoy preparing the crib. After a while I felt like reading the Bible, I opened and started reading Isaiah 44:1, kept on reading till I came to the part Isaiah 44.10 started getting interesting, because I never understood that verse, but further the man in the Bible brought wood for fuel to keep him warm, he baked bread and remainder he made a god and worshipped it, with his hands, makes an graven image, and falls and worships it. I pondered and realised, cut the wood to cook his food, to warm himself made carvings images I kept on reading till I came to chapter Isaiah 44:17, it speaks about the carving, being formed into a stature, I was tired and closed my eyes, and fell asleep, whilst the Bible was open on my lap, the television was on. I was sit sleeping , I got up just before the ending, as I opened my eyes, I saw the nun holding the carved wood, of baby Jesus, the way I was taught as a Roman Catholic, in her two hands, as if it is real, & will fall, and everyone was kissing the baby's feet. What a revelation, I could not believe the carved image, and what a fool I have been, doing the same, all of my life.
Now I know the truth, nothing but the truth, so help me my JESUS.
I got so excited and read the paragraph to my children. ( NO IMAGES) as for me & my family, WE WILL SERVE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!!! AMEN!!! HALLELUJAH !!! SHALOM !!!!
Exodus 32 The Golden Calf